Who are we?

Heering Associates is a legal and tax consultancy firm based in Amsterdam that is renowned for its:

Wide experience in arranging mortgages and other securities on behalf of Dutch banks on properties outside the Netherlands.

  • In-depth specialisation in family law (including tax law) in international situations. This includes, for instance, Dutch residents who own real estate outside of the Netherlands and foreigners with property in the Netherlands or living in the Netherlands.
  • Expertise in French property law. We have many years of experience in project development matters in France, as well as purchasing procedures and the structuring of real estate properties.
  • Provision of legal support for Dutch residents and companies in France.
  • Leading position in private international law.

Based on these specialisations and our unique network, Heering Associates is the ideal legal and tax partner for:

  • Banks seeking expert support regarding the settlement of cross-border mortgages and other security services.
  • Families who move between countries and require family and/or tax-related legal advice.
  • Consultants who require in-depth specialised support in the field of private international law and other fields as listed above.
  • Families or consultants who are involved with the settlement of the estates of deceased persons, marital property and benefactions that include non-Dutch property.
  • Dutch businessmen interested in potentially buying property in France or being involved in French real estate.
  • Non-Dutch property developers who require legal and tax-related support for entering the Dutch market.
  • Non-Dutch banks that wish to offer financing on the Dutch market.
  • Dutch companies who have or plan to establish offices in France.